Terrafest Ekomarch (2010-19)‚Äč

This is a splendid occasion for Information dissemination, Environmental education & Permaculture; highlighting an entire series of global environmental problems that are harming the biosphere and human life at an alarming rate and are irreversible. The great challenge of our times is to

create sustainable communities, that is, social and cultural environments in which we can meet our needs without diminishing the chances of survival of future generations.

This symbolic Eko-walk, started from Italy to Slovenia along the border territories, passing into Croatia with an emphasis on sustainable member projects along the way, sustained by Cesnet-cross border network and several local communities and organizations from the bioregions of Friuli, Karst, Primorska, Istria, Gorski Kotar, Banovina and Savinja.

In 2015, TERRAFEST set out from Trieste to reach the neighbouring projects to share our seeds for promoting local sustainability supporting territorial resilience against Climate change. In 2020 TERRAFEST, with the Eko marchwill continue from Slovenia to Austria. For a reconnection between people, the land and projects, this year we welcome your collaboration at TERRAFEST 2019 in Pradamano Udine. During the two days associations, members, farmers of the Cesnet network, SPC- the School for Permaculture, other groups and representatives will meet with presentations and workshops, seed exchanges.

As last year, Terrafest joins the “EU Day for Sustainable Communities” 2019, organized by Ecolisse- Brussels. Join us at the event and work towards a mutual growth of common projects.

An audio/video documentation of the days will be transmitted on the social network. In the following months and you are invited to share it on your mailing list and social media!


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