In Nature there are no borders…only Niches

Many philosophical issues are closely and ecological connected with this idea of nature as cosmic breath of the earth.

From the Upanishads, the ancient texts that conclude the cycle of the Vedas, to the birth of psychoanalysis, the history of human thought is crossed by the concept of “anima mundi”. It was presumably the Neo-Platonic Chalcidius, translator the Timaeus of Plato in the fourth century A.D. to solve the greek Kosmon your psyche (psyche cosmos) with the successful formula Latin “anima mundi” with which he identified the idea of ​​a body living, permeated with the psychic essence that infuses energy in all things…Photosynthesis consumes carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. Aerobic respiration consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Both processes use electron transport chains to capture the energy necessary to drive other reactions.

Every single atom of energy is conserved by changing form or moving from one type of energy to another, so waste does not exist in nature!