School for Permanent Culture

Permaculture Design Courses/Intros

  • Introduction to Permaculture March 2019, Italy
  • PDC International certificate, 80 hours September 2019, Croatia
  • PDC International certificate, 80 hours August 2019, Italy
  • CPD- Community Permaculture Design November 2019, Auroville  International Foundation, India

Natural Agriculture/Food Forest

  • Fruit tree Grafting for integrated farming April 2019, Croazia
  • DIY Aromatics for Therapy June 2017, Italy
  • Seed Exchanging May-July 2019, Italy-Slovenia-Croatia
  • Regenerative Soil Synergy for Farming July 2019, Italy

Earth Works/Energy

  • Earth plaster & Natural paints July-August 2019, Italy
  • Rocket Stove mass heater August 2019, Italy
  • Pirolisi Kitchen September 2019, Austria
  • Watar-shed & Swale lab November 2019, Slovenia

Learn at Work Camps & volunteering

  • Synergistic farming basics March-June 2019, Italy Helping at a farm, tent pitch and rocket stove provided for self-catering
  • Earth rendering on Straw-bale and Earth oven June-September 2019, Italy


Speacialization: 3 month/6 month

  • ~Advanced Synergistic farming,
  • ~Advanced Permaculture with Speacialization in Supply-chain/Green economy/Passive Energy
  • ~Permadynamic bee management, Earth building and resource management,
  • ~Permadynamic Fruit orchard, Community experience week, Theapeutic oils and balms, Watershed systems, Bio-Ponds and more!

Drop us a line for assistance in planning your program- spc@cesnet.it,

or fill up the form below. Attested certificates are provided on completion of an internship.


Project Consulting

Project work undertaking for Agricultural farms, New start-ups for Sustainable system management. Passive designs, Plans and structural implementation. Innovative Rain water-shed, Heating, Soil regeneration, Bio-ponds, Green roofs, Earth/Stawbale/wood biulding and Dry stone walls. Please send your enquiries to info@cesnet.it and we will be intouch with you.


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